If you are living with the consequences of your own or another's sexual abuse, ritual abuse, mind control or dissociative conditions, you are welcome to join us here. We hope that some of the information compiled on these pages is helpful to you.

The compilers of this site are people on a journey. We have each in our ways have seen and tasted the devastation the enemy brings to human lives and minds and we have responded to the gentle wooing of the one true God, the sustainer of the universe. Having been permitted by Him to glimpse the freedom only He can bring we have watched Him ignite in us the spark of hope that our abusers could never destroy.

As He nourishes and nurtures us with the infinite completeness of His perfect truth, light and love, we find strength and willingness to follow Him along the path that He has laid out for us. Our journey is at times one of self-awareness – acknowledging our God-given needs and the ways the enemy through our abusers has manipulated, lied and damaged us with those needs. Most of all, it is a journey of God-awareness – of beginning to see with clear eyes how complete and perfect His love and His plan is for us.

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Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming - An online book by Svali, a former Illuminati trainer, sharing her knowledge and insights to help others gain freedom.

From the Inside Out is operated under the following premises.

  • We accept as fact the existence of ritual abuse and mind control.
  • We accept as fact that it is possible to get free.
  • We accept as fact that DID/MPD is not equal to nor caused by demonic possession.
  • We accept as fact that nature of ritual abuse and mind control is such that survivors may encounter the demonic in their healing process and therefore need to be equipped for spiritual warfare.
  • We accept by faith that there is one true God who created all things and who reveals himself to us in Holy Scripture in the form of many personalities and in the person of his son Jesus Christ and who now indwells us and manifests himself to us in the person of the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that true inner healing is accomplished only by Jesus Christ and that freedom is achieved through truth.


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If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. --Kathleen Sullivan