Venturing Forth

Like a prisoner whono light has seen for years
Now stands gazing intothe brightness
Blind from the light, reaching out
Waiting for adjustment to it
Afraid to venture forth
For the dark is what is known
How can we trust to step forward,
Into what is unseen?
Time worn feelings
Hang heavy
As chains 'bout the neck
And shackles round the feet
They the ones that bent us into submission
"Come out" your call is heard
But can we trust that if we fall...
You will catch us on descent
We have been tricked before
Long ago feelings weigh us down
Switching to feelings of now
It is happening
It is healing to go on
But HARD, HARD to press through
Hard to trust that any will stay
Witness to another's life and pain
Sitting alone and yet together
Resting a bit
Knowing we aren't alone...
Glad for company on the journey
To Hell and back
Hadn't expected anyone to walk beside us
Every one would vanish
Fading into the mist
When needed as before
Sadness, felt from years gone by and today
Sometime the tears
Will fall easily again
For now trying to rest
On words and comfort
It is safe now
It is beginning to soak in...

~ ~ Suzy Lyn ~
ęCopyright 2003 by Suzy Lyn. Used with permission.