A Journey to Becoming

In a prison of others making...
Captured, prey, a thing, a toy
To do anotherís will
Our own not permitted
Have you noticed?
It is the very young or ancient that fall
Behind unnoticed,
Fodder for wild beasts that roam the night
Then no rhyme no reason, ceasing
Bars crack open
Yet, we chose to remain huddled inside
Afraid to risk, afraid to move, afraid to love, afraid to choose, afraid to be

Yet slowly we ventured forth...
Blinded by the light that burns
Revealing our marks that darkness imposed
Tentatively afraid to risk the reaching
For something more
Groping and stumbling
Not consciously choosing often our life our living death
Survival mode isnít that what survivors do; we survive?

It isnít enough, not any more...
So we began again, relearning and learning what Truth is
Choosing carefully when choice is offer,
Learning that there are choices we can make
At times, still afraid that the beasts still lie and wait.
We long for a time when we will no longer look over our shoulder...

We continue on our journey
Making mistakes and having triumphs along the way
We choose a lifeís work in which we can
Help those who can not help themselves and need the tools that we can offer
Giving the comfort we ourselves have received.
In helping, we have discovered we helped ourselves

We strive onward to know, to really know that the world is not just filled with monsters that lurk beneath the bed crawling between the sheets to fracture soul and mind
We strive to hold onto the hope which often falls from our tenuous grasp
We choose the path we are on for there is no other path to take...
but death or to continue in a type of living death
We strive to thrive and live above the level of mediocrity

Why do we walk this path? Why? Why? Why?
The echoes of the "Why" marks our time upon this planet
Why are we on the path we are on????
Because it is no longer enough to live life as if we are still in a prison of anotherís making or our own
For fear of venturing forth
Because we want to know wholeness; we are tired of shards of brokenness
Because we want to live life purposely, intentionally, and with abandon
Because it isnít enough to exist we want to make a difference in having lived
Because we want to live in the present and not be haunted by the past
Because we want to love freely unhindered by regret or fear
Because we want to know what it is to receive the gift of love without strings attached, for that isnít love but a bribe
Because we want to know the ecstasy of a single moment and the adventure of life
Because we want to celebrate wonder, be it found in a dew drop or the rainbow after storms
Because we want to be able know that we have lived life to its fullest
Because we want to be able to see beauty in ashes
We want to know that those once burned will rise like a Phoenix to the sky towards the brilliance of the sun again
Because we want to live, really live life
That is why we are on the journey we are on; we are on the journey to becoming all we are meant to be
And what we were purposed to be before the beginning of time.

~ ~ Suzy Lyn ~
©Copyright 2003 by Suzy Lyn. Used with permission.