I come to you today,
Looking for a mend,
A gentle hand upon the soul,
To heal my broken and bruised heart.

I look high and low, deep and wide
To find that mend,
Still searching, still unfound,
To heal my broken and bruised heart.

Meanwhile I cry and longed for that mend,
The pain is so deep and intolerable.
Heart is battered from those that caused pain,
Filled with bruises and cuts but still hold on,
Hold on, my dear, hold on
Knowing that there is hope for that broken and bruised heart.

I was told that you can mend,
My broken and bruised heart
I cry unto you, please heal
My broken and bruised heart.

The mend is painful and hard,
But knowing that this is what I need
To heal that broken and bruised heart,
And become whole again.

Copyright 1999 by Stephanie's Community

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