In The Stillness of the Night

In the stillness of the night
While sparkling stars provide the light,
While the world is fast asleep
The Ancient of Days our comfort keeps.
Though the watches of the night
And when the sun is shining bright,
He never slumbers, nor does He sleep
His love for us is far too deep.
In the darkness of the night,
When sometimes things can be a fright
Nothing is hidden from His view
He sees and hears each thing we say and do
Nothing catches Him by surprise;
It breaks His heart when His children cry.
Trust, in His time and through His might
The Lord above will put all things right.
Beneath the shadow of His wing,
Provision and comfort He will bring.
His promises and love are sure and true
Itís not dependent on what we do.
His love for us can not be lost;
He ransomed His son to pay the cost.
His love letter to us is written in His book
If reassurance is needed, take a look.
Penned upon the written page,
His love remains unchanged from age to age.
In His words you will discover
And itís His Truth you will uncover.
Upon His unfailing love we can depend
Our Fatherís love for us will never end.
Heís the Father that you have desired all of your life
Heíll never desert in times of strife.
For you, He has a purpose and plan
Trust in Him, take the Fatherís hand.
He wants to help you in all that you do
But it is your choice that much is true
The good news isÖ He waits for you!
The question is will you be His child; He is hoping that you choose to.

~ Suzy Lyn ~
CopyRight ©2003 by Suzy Lyn
Used with permission



October 23, 2003