Citation: Quoted from Soul Ties by Frank Hammond. Available in book and e-book form.

Soul Ties

by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

There are times when we experience spiritual truth before we understand it. I am reminded of an occasion when a group of ladies invited me to teach them about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. In the midst of the lesson, one of the ladies interrupted me to ask, "Can't you go ahead and pray for us to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and explain it to us later?" Since it was scriptural, that is what I did. Remember the one hundred and twenty who were baptized in the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost? They had the experience before they understood it.

My wife and I dealt with soul ties, through the ministry of deliverance, long before we had much understanding of them. In fact, long before someone introduced the designation "soul ties," we referred to them as "unholy alliances" or "perverse relationships." Through deliverance ministry, we encounter soul ties regularly and break their power over individuals' lives. Yes, soul ties are real, but what are they? What is the scriptural basis for understanding soul ties? How are they formed? Are they always demonic? What danger is there in soul ties? How can they be broken?

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Soul Ties

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If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. --Kathleen Sullivan