A Prayerful Approach to Deprogramming

by Jim Friesen

This letter was written to the administrators of the staff at C.A.R.E.

Dear C.A.R.E. and friends,

I have found no approach to "deprogramming" which makes sense to me. The people at CARE have given me training on a new approach which does make sense. Thank you Jo and Cheri for teaching me this process. Please let me explain why I knew I needed it.

As is the case for many therapists, some clients were getting nowhere with my "encouraging, non-confronting" approach. Over time, I began to realize there were hidden programs set up in their dissociative system of personalities which made my approach unworkable. After assessing them, I found that they have exactly the type of system which the process is intended to help. Now that I have taken two people through this approach, I am convinced that it is necessary to give up my approach, when it comes to helping them. They need particular spiritual and psychological interventions, designed specially to take down the programming in their system. The alternative is for them to remain stuck.

As I look at what I've learned with this prayerful approach, let me make a few observations:

*The programming is essentially a spiritually maintained structure, and must be taken down by spiritual power. This process runs by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is the only way to overcome the dark power of this programming.

*I continue to be encouraging and non-confronting in everything I do in therapy, except when I am using this process, where it is necessary to break Satan's power. We may need to be reminded that God's kingdom is not about talk, but about power (I Corinthians 4:20).

*This approach does not work unless the client is willing to let God be in charge of the therapy session. It is not the APPROACH which works so well, it is the power of God which is so magnificent. When we understand how a system works, then we can do a better job of bringing God's power and grace into our work.

*This approach is certainly not for every person who is stuck in treatment. Get more information before deciding to use this process.

In His Love,
Jim Friesen
Author of "Uncovering the Mysteries of MPD" and
"The Truth About False Memory Syndrome"

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